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Powering our Future™
End-to-end power solution provider

Gizaa Power Solutions offers solutions that ensure reliable and sustainable power supply thereby eliminating darkness for optimal commercial function and improved domestic livelihood.

Providing Access to Off-Grid Energy

Our in-house solar development and operations team of professional engineers and project managers take a comprehensive approach to assure holistic, right-sized and integrated design, installation, and performance monitoring and reporting. We also take a proactive and thorough review of your energy usage and trends so that designs meet your long-range energy master plan and needs.

5+ Years of Experience

10+ Equipment Partners

150+ Site Installations

Serving East Africa

Long-Term Reliability


Solar Generation

Gizaa Power Solutions is at the forefront of the energy transition, integrating renewable power with smart energy storage and conventional solar power generation.

Power Protection

Gizaa Power Solutions supplies surge protection devices for Photovoltaic (PV) systems that are used in both industrial power production as well as residential or semi-commercial markets.

Power Backup

Solar backup means you will have power when the grid is both up and down. This can be especially useful if you are in an area that has an unreliable grid, or is susceptible to severe weather.

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Is Solar Energy an Option for Your Business?

We talk about sustainability and being able to market yourself as renewable and the importance of that, but the primary driver for most businesses is to reduce their utility bills. Save money with Solar Energy for your business.

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Let solar help cut the cost of lighting up your home

Solar Energy is great way to offset energy costs, reduce the environmental impact of your home and provide a host of other benefits, Coupled with a battery storage system, you can still power your home even when the sun is behind the clouds.

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